Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pig Roast Wedding

No the picture is not blurry. It was just that smoky. Ryun and Barry were up at the crack of dawn to get out to the reception site to start the rotisserie. They were asked by a friend from our church to do 2 whole pigs, along with a ton of sides, some of which they don't have on the usual menu. But since Ian was a friend they went ahead and did everything the bride wanted. 2 pans of pork from the pig, 4 pans of chicken, 2 pans of red potatoes, 2 pans of mac and cheese, 2 pans of green beans, 4 pans of salad, 2 pans of fruit, and I think that was it. 175 people devoured all but 1/2 pans of mac and cheese and green beans, 1 pan of fruit and 1 pan of salad. We were amazed. And sadly the meat ran out first due to rude people cutting in line for seconds before some got their firsts. The biggest problem is that the wedding was rained out and had to be performed in the reception hall, then the guests had 2 hours before being fed and nothing to do but drink. But the food did turn out great, and so did the pig, getting done right on time for the reception. Barry's wife Heather and I were at the front lines restocking the food on the buffet line, warding off the creepy bartender, and answering all the questions about "Where's the salt?" "We need more plates!" etc. We just repeated all night to each other, "We are not catering weddings anymore!" We do have a small wedding next month, another friend, but after that NO MORE WEDDINGS!
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Monday, June 16, 2008

After busy weekends lately, we decided to do something as a family Saturday. Kind of a pre-Father's day outing. We went down to St. Armands Circle and at dinner at Cha Cha Coconuts. Then we walked to the other side of the circle to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop for dessert. We then went further down past the circle to Lido Beach. Its much quieter than Siesta Key Beach and there are lots more shells. The kids had fun in the water and we remarked as we ALWAYS do that we should really get to the beach more often.
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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Pit Crew's First Event!

Ryun and Barry's little barbecue company had its first event, the King of the Grill sponsored by Sarasota Fireplace and Barbecue store. Ryun and Barry, donning brand new Pit Crew shirts and aprons, made up some Pulled Pork Pizza and handed out samples, while Heather (Barry's wife) and I manned the lunch table with pulled pork sandwiches and our famous Macaroni Salad. I can now officially pass you on to our website, http://www.pitcrew-bbq.com/. I quickly wrote up the web content and Friday night Ryun's mom was great about getting it on the site ready for Saturday. Ryun and Barry also had a record number of parties this weekend, I think it came to 5 total with the average of about 40 people. They even pulled an all nighter (well, Ryun stayed at Barry's house and they kept the pork going all night to get it done) Friday night. Saturday was a great success, I made sure to mention the pork being slow cooked for 16 hrs and that the Macaroni salad was better than they would think. I encouraged some to try it when they refused, and at least 3 came back to say they liked it! Ryun and Barry made great contacts as well for up coming parties and handed out quite a few business cards and menus. The biggest compliment I heard was a number of people asking where the Pit Crew's location was, assuming we were a restaurant. Ryun felt proud that non-macaroni salad lovers liked the Mac salad. Kudos to Mark for coming up with that recipe and we feel proud that we keep that recipe in the family! It was a hot but great day and we anticipate lots more business because of it. Now GO visit the website!

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