Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Big Project

So after a successful run at tiling the bathroom, we decided to tackle the kitchen. The old tiles were cream colored, super shiny and super slippery, not to mention the grout that was old and dirty. It was horrible to keep clean and dangerous for us to walk on when it got wet. So I hacked at it one morning and found a lot were coming up in one piece, or breaking into just a few pieces. We had one minor injury, when Bryce decided to try and help by picking up a cut piece and cut his finger pretty good. He was brave and let us put the liquid bandage on, so he got to watch a movie and Chic-Fil-A.

Once that was all done, we had no tile but tons of old thinset to chip off the floor. A friend loaned us his chisel, and it was HARD work. We had a 2 inch bit that would literally "jackhammer" the thinset right off the floor, with tons of muscle behind it. This is the main reason we will NEVER retile a floor again.
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