Monday, April 13, 2009

"Run for the Sun" jog-a-thon

The last day before Spring Break Skyler's school had their annual jog-a-thon! It was a special day at school, and it was a beautiful day, overcast and windy. The Kindergarten and 1st grades ran first, at the 9:30 slot so I took Skyler to school that day so I could watch. All the classes had stations positioned around the track, where they would get a tally mark on the card on their back for each lap. The first lap was a walk lap, with Principal Crump leading the way. Then they were off!! Most of the kids ran the first few laps, and after a few of Skyler's laps Bryce joined in to run/walk with her! She was excited when they started handing out orange wedges and cups of water along the way. I didn't see her final count but I think she did 16 laps. When they were done, they gathered around their teacher Mrs Ulrich, and then walked to the courtyard where they all (even little brothers and sisters!) got Freezy Pops.

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