Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kindergarten stars in...The morning meeting!

Every day Skyler's class has their morning meeting, with announcments, birthdays, etc. Once in a while their will be a school wide morning meeting, with one grade in charge of the program. All the parents that can attend show up, and wait to file into the auditorium (pic 1). The Kindergarten classes each took a section of the meeting, and Skyler's class took the birthday announcements. They lined up, and Mrs Ulrich asked Adam and Skyler to demonstrate a New Year greeting (pic 3), with your arms going up like fireworks, you lean to your neighbor and say, "Happy New Year!" They they all sang a special Happy Birthday song to all the birthdays that month. The last picture is Skyler's class after the meeting.

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My dad retires...

After working as a pharmacist for 30 years, the Sweetbay my dad worked at closed, forcing him to retire. He was months away from it anyway, it was just sooner than he expected. So we gathered the family for a retirement party, to celebrate his first "retirement" from Eckerd, and then his retirment from Sweetbay. I made the cake split for that reason, and used big Tic Tacs for the pills, and cut Mike and Ike's in half for the colored pills. He was surprised when we all showed up, and everyone had brought gag gifts of hobby ideas.
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Daddy-Daughter Banquet

So Suncoast Academy had their very first Daddy Daughter banquet on Feb 12. Skyler put on her very best dress, and daddy took her all dressed in a suit. They had a yummy dinner, dancing, and then a daddy-daughter dance to the song "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Skyler told me before she went out the door, "I can't believe I am going to dance with Daddy!" The 3rd picture is her friend best friend Trinity behind her, last picture is Skyler's 5th grade book buddy.

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