Friday, May 30, 2008

Skyler donates her hair!

Have you ever read the book The Rainbow Fish? Its the story of a beautiful fish with shiny scales. When a small fish asks if he could have one of his scales, he refuses because it is what makes him beautiful. Then another asks him. Soon none of the fish don't want to be his friend because he can't share. After a wise old octopus encourages him to share, he gives one scale away to the next fish that asks. And he discovers a wonderful feeling he has never felt before, and soon he gives away all his scales but one and has found he is truly happy.

As summer was approaching, I asked Skyler about the thought of cutting her hair shorter. I told her that it would get less knots, and be cooler for summer. She was fine with that since all her friends have shorter hair. A friend of mine suggested that she could donate to Locks of Love, so I checked into how much was needed, and if she had it to spare. It was 10 inches, and I saw that she would have enough and still keep in fairly long. So one day at lunch I told her about some children who could not grow hair or they were sick and it fell out. I reminded her that everone always told her how beautiful her hair was, and asked her if she would want to cut off her hair and send it away to a little girl that could have beautiful hair like her. I said it would be more that just a little bit that it would make her hair much shorter. A simple "Ok" was her reaction and she changed the subject to something else. Convinced she did not quite get the magnitude of our discussion or wasn't listening to me, I decided to bring it up another day. That day when I picked her up at school, Mrs. Ross was so excited to tell me how proud she was of Skyler for wanting to donate her hair. I was amazed that she WAS listening to me and really did have that willing of a heart to help out another little girl. I told her I was proud of her and reminded her that she was like the Rainbow Fish that gave away his scales so that other fish would be beautiful like him. So to all those that might be mad at me for cutting off her golden wavy locks of hair, please consider Skyler's heart and attitude! I know its helped Ryun and I, who probably had the biggest apprehension about her cutting it. I think we fretted more than she did! She now loves her new hair cut, and says when she looks in the mirror, "Now I look like the real Skyler."

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Graduate!

Skyler is officially a kindergartener! Or will be after the summer. She had a little graduation ceremony complete with little scroll diplomas and after a reception with cake and ice cream for all. This is her teacher Mrs. Ross and her other girl classmates Justyce and Emma. It was them and 7 boys! The graduation was for all the preschool classes and included songs, a sermon (a little too much for preschoolers) and a cute speech done by the preschool director to the kids. To celebrate we are taking Skyler to the Japanese Steak house tomorrow night. She has expressed for the last few years that she wants to be a "cooker" when she grows up, so we think this will be a great experience for her.

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