Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pig Roast Wedding

No the picture is not blurry. It was just that smoky. Ryun and Barry were up at the crack of dawn to get out to the reception site to start the rotisserie. They were asked by a friend from our church to do 2 whole pigs, along with a ton of sides, some of which they don't have on the usual menu. But since Ian was a friend they went ahead and did everything the bride wanted. 2 pans of pork from the pig, 4 pans of chicken, 2 pans of red potatoes, 2 pans of mac and cheese, 2 pans of green beans, 4 pans of salad, 2 pans of fruit, and I think that was it. 175 people devoured all but 1/2 pans of mac and cheese and green beans, 1 pan of fruit and 1 pan of salad. We were amazed. And sadly the meat ran out first due to rude people cutting in line for seconds before some got their firsts. The biggest problem is that the wedding was rained out and had to be performed in the reception hall, then the guests had 2 hours before being fed and nothing to do but drink. But the food did turn out great, and so did the pig, getting done right on time for the reception. Barry's wife Heather and I were at the front lines restocking the food on the buffet line, warding off the creepy bartender, and answering all the questions about "Where's the salt?" "We need more plates!" etc. We just repeated all night to each other, "We are not catering weddings anymore!" We do have a small wedding next month, another friend, but after that NO MORE WEDDINGS!
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