Monday, August 18, 2008

Say Hello to Toby!

Meet the newest family member, Toby the kitten! He was brought over by the neighbor boy after his mom said he could not keep him. We immediately said yes! He told us her name was Misty, but further studying proved that she was a HE. The boy next door said he and his friends were walking near a "crack house", when someone threw kittens out the door. All the friends grabbed a kitten took it home. He is a sweetheart, playful as any kitty, but when he has had enough, he comes and plops down on my chest and rests his head under my chin. He loves being around us, and once when he thought everyone had left, I heard him let out little pitiful cries at the door. The kids love him, almost too much but luckily he is playful enough that he can take all of the attention. Since he does not have a collar yet Skyler has been nice enough to put a pony tail holder around his neck. She even changes the colors every now and then.

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