Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 3: Grand Turk Island. This picture actually sums up the day even though I took it after I got home. We went to the local museum, at conch fritters, and toured the town, but there was one thing I was determined to do. I found online a few people talking about a "Conch Shell Graveyard" where locals that go out and collect them will take out the conch and leave the shells right on the beach. We even asked a local about it and he didn't know of anything like that. I finally decided after all day wondering about it to venture out. It was supposedly a 10 minute walk off the right side of the pier, so I took off. I was finding bits and pieces of them, but no whole ones. I kept walking. They slowly I started seeing whole ones but in bad condition among the rocks that met the water at the shore. I saw one more section of rocks ahead, and thought, "If I don't find any there I will come back and just take some pieces or bad ones. Sure enough, that last set of rocks was chock full of conch shells! It was right where they said it would be, 10 minutes walk. I went through and found 3 I liked, and was so proud of myself that I took the effort to find it.
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